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Supercharge Your Health Naturally and Effectively

Folium pX helps with:

  • 1Reduce Emotional &
    Physical Stress
  • 2Reduce Air Pollutants
  • 3Cigarette Smoking
  • 4Radiation
  • 5Industrial Chemicals
  • 6Reduce Inflammation

Benefits of Folium pX

Folium pX supports the immune system by helping to

1) Helps to remove toxic chemical and metal buildup
2) Provides Support for Healthy Immune System Function
3) Supports Healthy Metabolism of Minerals and Metals in the Body
4) Helps Remove Radio-Nuclides from the Body
5) Helps Quench Free Radicals
6) Helps Reduce Free Radicals in the Body
7) Supports Healthy Energy Levels

In today’s world individuals find themselves suffering from a wide range of ailments and conditions that were previously unknown. The expanding impact of radiation in our environment is a key source of these free radicals. From defunct nuclear plants, to tsunami related power plant disasters, to the deposit of uranium particles on our roadway from gas emissions, all of these factors and more add to the problem.

Folium pX believes individuals should feel healthy and energetic to free their body of toxins and pollutants, restoring their internal health and well being.


What are some medical doctors and customers saying?

Why Use Folium pX?

Folium pX is an all-natural capsule that was developed by master herbal scientists in a region of the former Soviet Union known for its excellence in plant-based supplements. Our proprietary formula combines plants, herbs, and flowers that contain powerful super-antioxidants.

Folium pX was developed with the specific objective of inactivating free radicals as well as promoting the body’s natural excretory and detoxification response to toxins and heavy metals.

By monitoring the usage of this natural supplement and obtaining personal testimonies, Folium pX has demonstrated the ability to help improve overall health through the deactivation of free radicals.

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Dietary Plant Supplement 100% Natural Folium pX Capsules

This product should be used only as directed on the label. As in the use of all dietary supplements, users should obtain the advice of their doctor or nutritionist. The Product is administered over a one year period. Users follow a protocol of alternating months with 30 days of ingesting capsules and 30 days of abstinence.

The one year detox suggested course of treatment is one capsule to be taken 3x per day. The patient alternates months on and off over a one year period. By alternating one month on and one month off, the body is able to naturally replenish any necessary metals or any minerals that may have been flushed with the toxins. Consumers may double the dosage to expedite the cleansing if their body weight supports the higher dosage. As in the use of all dietary supplements, users should obtain the advice of their doctor or nutritionist.

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